make software simpler to license and control your IT assets

Today, as your IT systems converge, become virtualised or transition to a Cloud hosted platform, as software Use Rules become complex to navigate, does it feel as if a course in star gazing would be better placed in solving your software license management challenges?

With our style of service, PARO IT bring no-nonsense, clear guidance and recommendations to software license and asset management. By applying great tech and know-how with ISO standard approved defined process, we deliver a SAM service and pragmatic approach to software asset cost and risk management.

...with PARO IT, navigating the world of software is really easier than you think!


The License Dilemma

Which way to turn?

So, your Sourcing team have been asked to negotiate supply of software to be rolled-out corporate wide. Before licenses are purchased and rolled out, has sufficient due diligence been considered to the terms of use beforehand. What factors outside the project within your organisation may indicate that a subscription rather than perpetual license purchase would be less costly; which route best reflects your business needs and budget? Perhaps the vendor has changed their software license model or updated the version of the product since you last made a purchase - how could a change effect your implementation and ongoing usage, and what opportunities and risks exist?

Read on to learn how PARO IT and our service will assist with your software license management decision making, or save time and dial now to speak with a SAM consultant to have a conversation about your situation.

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Get maximum value from your Software spend and stay on the right side of compliance. Gain insight into your software entitlements and usage landscape – See how much product your users are actually using, identify targets for cost avoidance​ and take proactive measures to retain license control.

Our Service Proposition 

PARO IT Associates are a solutions partner who provide any combination of professional services, software license or vendor maintenance solutions, centred around Data Protection, Data Backup and Software Asset Management requirements. 

With an established background in proposing core Data Centre and Secure Endpoint solutions from leading technology vendors, you can trust in PARO IT Associates to bring a pragmatic, consultative approach to achieving your objectives. We're a business excited to meet challenges head on and delivering effective solutions with value at a really fair price.

License Management

We offer a complete licensing management service so customers can specify the vendors they prefer and we'll manage the licensing details. With objectives agreed on cost control, compliance and license admin.

This proactive service brings with it a number of benefits, including compliance, license re-harvesting and visual in-depth reporting on software usage. 

Dashboard visibility of the licensing estate presents a simple analysis of license entitlements, with key dates and costs clearly presented.

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Service Bundles

Led by your requirements. Initial preparatory meetings, delivered fee free, ensure we agree objectives upfront clearly. A service bundle is then proposed to best align against  your objectives.  For the majority of businesses, the challenge is to manage cost and compliance. What we look for is how you'd like that to be delivered. 

Three Primary Service Bundles are available, which we call Shuttles. Each designed purposely to your stated needs:

Shuttle 1  - Software Renewal and Maintenance management only .

Shuttle 2 - License Management only, to provide a level of proactive software asset management to free up your time.

Shuttle 3 - Software and Maintenance management with ongoing License Management services to ensure continued service improvements.

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Technology Partners

PARO IT Associates are a solutions  partner who provide any combination of professional services, software licenses and maintenance solutions that are  centred around Data Protection, Data backup and License Management  requirements. With an established background in sourcing and building core data centre and secure endpoint solutions with leading vendor technologies, PARO IT Associates work with client supply chains to offer assistance in vendor and product selection, ensuring products are procured to best compliment your user demands. 

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Software License Management

Get maximum value from your IT spend and reduce risk.

Gain insight into your software license landscape.

Know how much to buy, how much you’re using and how much you may owe.​

With licensing & maintenance costs rising and vendor audits becoming more frequent, managing an organisation's software assets has never been a higher priority. 

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